Yard waste is collected once per week from April through November. Yard waste services are $60 per season for a single pickup each week in Grand Island. We also charge $1.50 per leaf bag with once per week pickup. A green yard waste Toter is included in the service price, and you have the option of adding a second green Toter to the service for an additional $27 per season.

Yard Waste FAQ

1. When does yard waste pickup start and when does it end?
Yard waste pickup starts the first of April and goes until the end of November.

2. What can I put in my yard waste container?
Yard waste pickup is for grass clippings and leaves only. Brush, twigs, tree limbs and garden waste should be put with your regular trash pickup.

3. What if I can't fit all my yard waste in one Toter?
You may obtain a second Toter for a low additional fee, or you can put the extra in paper, biodegradable yard waste bags.

4. What if I only will have yard waste once in a while and don't want to start Yard Waste Service? How can I get rid of it?
You may purchase biodegradable yard waste bags from us and we'll pick them up when we run the yard waste route by your home. You may also haul the yard waste to the Grand Island Transfer Station for free disposal.