Service takes on a whole new meaning at Mid-Nebraska Disposal. Our customers are busy people, so we do everything possible to put trash removal at the bottom of their list of daily concerns. We offer affordable, reliable pickup service for every residential, commercial, industrial, and construction need. We offer convenient curbside pickup of recyclables, too. Check out all we have to offer, and give us a call if you have questions. We are confident you'll be satisfied with our level of customer service.

Our services include residential, commercial, industrial/construction, recycling and compost. 

Residential Mid-Nebraska Disposal offers household waste, yard waste and curbside recycling to all homes in Grand Island. We also provide household waste and drop-off recycling to over 15 area communities. Each household we serve receives a free 96-gallon plastic tote on wheels.

Sign up for our once or twice a week trash service, and you will receive an affordable low rate along with the possibility of up to three months of free service.

We also offer weekly pickup of curbside recyclables, with an 18-gallon bin or 96-gallon tote provided for this service.

Commercial We can provide trash service for any business, large or small. You may choose your service level (from container sizes of one to eight cubic yards) and pickup frequency (from one to six times a week).

Mid-Nebraska Disposal was the first to offer loose cardboard and office paper recycling in the Grand Island, Nebraska area. We pick up loose cardboard six times a week, office paper once per week, and baled cardboard as needed.

Industrial & Construction Industrial customers and construction projects require specialized, high-volume service. We offer a complete solution for your waste hauling needs no matter what your volume. We have construction containers with capacities of 12 to 40 yards, as well as compactors for companies that generate large volumes of solid waste. 

Recycling Mid-Nebraska Disposal illustrates our commitment to extending the life of landfills by being the first locally owned trash hauler to offer curbside recycling. This service provides a once-a-week pickup of recyclables.